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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

PSN users should 'cancel credit cards immediately'

Reacting to the news that all 77 million PlayStation Network users could have had their credit card details stolen in the recent global hack, security specialist Sophos has issued a warning saying all PSN users should “cancel that card immediately.”

Having taken down the PlayStation Network last week following the now well publicised hack of the service, Sony recently revealed that this infiltration has made the personal data of those signed up to the service, including its 3 million UK users, vulnerable to attack.If you're a user of Sony's PlayStation Network, now isn't the time to sit back on your sofa and do nothing," announced Graham Cluely from Sophos.

Expanding on the imminent concerns Cluely added: "The fraudsters won't wait around - for them this is a treasure trove ripe for exploiting. You need to act now to minimise the chances that your identity and bank account become casualties following this hack."

"That means, changing your online passwords (especially if you use the same password on other sites), and considering whether it would be prudent to inform your bank that as far as you're concerned your credit card is now compromised."

Discussing the continued outage of the PSN service and the potentially damaging effect this could have on the safety of users’ information the Sophos security head said: "What's particularly frustrating for users of the PSN is that anybody unsure of what information is stored against their account such as personal information, card details and password reset answers won't know until the service is back online.

"It's crucial that access is restored as soon as possible so that users can confirm what information might have been compromised." 


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