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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

100 TB Per Second Fibre Optics

Hey guys, As you know there is a woman who has 40GBps Internet Connection and now in Japan there is 100TBps.

In Japan the 100TB internet connection is in 2 fibre optic wires. The cable is the length of 165 Kilometres  long and at the speed of 101TB. Imagine that for your torrents or online gaming lol. The game play and downloads with be INSANE!

In my opinion  of 100TB connection I hope that this speed comes out to the public in the next year or so. This would be such a massive speed to have and something I have never thought possible especially when we are just going up to 100-200GBps internet speeds.

If this 100TBps internet came out depending on the price I would definitely buy it and enjoy it to the extreme! lol

Leave a comment about what you think of this insane connection speed and if you would get it or not.



Maquina said...

Insanity you would download the intenetz in days

Tone said...

Imagine the downloads it would be very insane. with 100-200 GB internet you can downloads a 700MB movie in 1 second. with 100TB you could download a full season of tv episodes in 1 second lol.

Anonymous said...

but who created the 100 tb optic fibre cable.

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