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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Announcement this month

Hey guys, at the moment there is only 2 Modern Warfare games out. This month Activison is going to be announcing Modern Warfare 3.

Many people believe that the announcement will be coming this week. The news of the announcement came when Craig Fairbrass voice actor for Gaz from Call of Duty Modern Warfare and also the voice of Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 had an inverview with TalkSport.

In my opinion I feel that this announcement will be great for myself and other Call of Duty fans. I will be very eager to check out the trailer and to see when the game will be released.

Are you guys looking forward to Modern Warfare 3?


alfred smith said...

The series is popular, but I've heard bad things about those games.

Tone said...

I understand that multiplayer is poor with some players but for me the single is excellent :)

Anonymous said...

Bad game will be bad.

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