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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Google Chrome still better than Internet Explorer!

Google Chrome is still on top of Internet Explorer and is taking a big bite out of Microsoft's market share.

Figures have just came through from Net Applications and it has shown that since September 2008 when Chrome was launched that it has took 12% of the market. The reason this has happened is from Google launching its Operating system on Samsung and Acer netbooks this summer.

Last month Chrome gained 11.9% of the market up 0.4% where Internet Explorer was still losing its shares of the market.

going form 55.9% to 55.1% in a month showing that Internet Explorer is beginning to lose the market. Safari is also going up from 6.6% to 7.1% in the last month and Firefox losing a slight amount of shares form 21.8% to 21.6%

All I can say is I'm glad Chrome is getting up there as I feel its a great Browser and others seem to be robbing its features (IE 9).


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