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Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Hey guys, as you know World of Warcraft has been out now for 6-7 years and is dominating the MMO market and a new comer has shown up a few months ago.

People are saying Rift is the next Warcraft and even some of the staff from Blizzard left to work for Trion.

Rift is getting lots of customers with its game and I feel that comes from its unique feel to stuff you can do in the game. You are able to find artifacts, get more intense battles and a PvP system that gives you a simulated feel to a battle.

In my opinion Warcraft will be a very difficult game to over achieve due to its lifetime and all the people playing it. Where Rift is new and could have a fighting chance to be very successfully. 

I want to know what you guys feel about these two games and which one is best in your opinion.

Peace out


JustinCKO said...

I'm thinking rift because it rewards players for participating daily. Rifts open up randomly, and the mobs there are much better exp then inactive people just farming.

Tone said...

I understand what you mean I enjoy rift for the random Rifts too and enjoy the massive town invasions which take up to an hour to complete. It has lots of rewards in the game and some of the things you can do on it are truly great

sewingincircles said...

wow cannot be beaten

Tone said...

I don't know Sewing I feel WoW will be very difficult to beat because its been here longer and more experience in the industry. it has many users also, but Rift does have potential. In my opinion there both great in there own ways.

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