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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Announcement this month

Hey guys, at the moment there is only 2 Modern Warfare games out. This month Activison is going to be announcing Modern Warfare 3.

Many people believe that the announcement will be coming this week. The news of the announcement came when Craig Fairbrass voice actor for Gaz from Call of Duty Modern Warfare and also the voice of Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 had an inverview with TalkSport.

In my opinion I feel that this announcement will be great for myself and other Call of Duty fans. I will be very eager to check out the trailer and to see when the game will be released.

Are you guys looking forward to Modern Warfare 3?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Favourite iPhone Apps

Hey guys, I'm throwing up a list of my favourite Apps for the iPhone.

Mirrors Edge

First of the bat is Mirrors Edge. Mirrors Edge is an adventure game giving you the chance to complete missions and also do time runs and try to beat other people speed record. It costs £2.99 to buy but gives the user hours and hours of fun.

Robot Unicorn

Robot Unicorn is a game in which you have to run as far forward as you possibly can. You do this to beat old scores and to create new records. This game has an awesome song to keep you in the mood to  play more of it. this game costs £0.59p and is truly work the price giving the user lots of fun well worth the buy.


Minigore is such an addictive game. The game play is very intense as you fight to survive against lots of mobs. These mobs attack you from all angles so to keep alive you must find new weapons and power ups from crates. This game costs only £0.59p and is a great buy

Tap DJ - Mix and Scratch Your Music

Tap DJ is a DJ deck allowing you to be able to throw down your music and mix it to your advantage. This is truly a great App giving you lots of fun. You can mix your favourite music and even put two songs together! This App costs £0.59p and is of excellent value!

These Apps are some of my favourites and in the future I will sharing with you more! 

I wanna know what your favourite Apps are and what you think of these ones


100 TB Per Second Fibre Optics

Hey guys, As you know there is a woman who has 40GBps Internet Connection and now in Japan there is 100TBps.

In Japan the 100TB internet connection is in 2 fibre optic wires. The cable is the length of 165 Kilometres  long and at the speed of 101TB. Imagine that for your torrents or online gaming lol. The game play and downloads with be INSANE!

In my opinion  of 100TB connection I hope that this speed comes out to the public in the next year or so. This would be such a massive speed to have and something I have never thought possible especially when we are just going up to 100-200GBps internet speeds.

If this 100TBps internet came out depending on the price I would definitely buy it and enjoy it to the extreme! lol

Leave a comment about what you think of this insane connection speed and if you would get it or not.



Hey guys, as you know World of Warcraft has been out now for 6-7 years and is dominating the MMO market and a new comer has shown up a few months ago.

People are saying Rift is the next Warcraft and even some of the staff from Blizzard left to work for Trion.

Rift is getting lots of customers with its game and I feel that comes from its unique feel to stuff you can do in the game. You are able to find artifacts, get more intense battles and a PvP system that gives you a simulated feel to a battle.

In my opinion Warcraft will be a very difficult game to over achieve due to its lifetime and all the people playing it. Where Rift is new and could have a fighting chance to be very successfully. 

I want to know what you guys feel about these two games and which one is best in your opinion.

Peace out

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fear 3 moved release date

F.E.A.R. 3 has been delayed again and will be releasing in Europe on June 24, 2011

The news of this delay came when retailer GameGears posted a Tweet with the news. Warner Bros confirmed this afterwards with no news why the delay happened.

Fear was supposed to be released end of 2010 and was then delayed till March and then May and now June there is so many delays!

In America the release dates have also been put back till June 21 2010

F.E.A.R. 3 will be available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms.

Sony says sorry for Cyber Hack

Sony’s top brass have finally provided a humbling mea culpa to the 77m users potentially affected by the biggest security breach in cyber history which has left users personal data and possibly credit card details open to abuse by hackers.

Kazuo Hirai, president of Sony's computer entertainment division, said at a press conference in Tokyo. “We apologise deeply for causing great unease and trouble to our users.”

He continued. "We take the security of our consumers' information very seriously and are committed to helping our consumers protect their personal data. I see my work as first making sure Sony can regain the trust of our users.

As the financial ramifications of the hack start to become clear, Sony has admitted that compensating customers forced to cancel their credit cards may affect profits.

Sony have already offered one month's free access to its users to deter them from leaving for alternative services, such as Microsoft's Xbox Live.

Much of the criticism has centred on the six-day delay in announcing the unprecedented security breach, in case it deflected attention away from the release of two Sony Android tablets that were announced last week, a charge that was flatly denied.

The company said PlayStation Network, which gives users the opportunity play each other online and download games and music will resume this week. The service, which in the UK has an estimated 3m players, has been offline since April 20.

Google Chrome still better than Internet Explorer!

Google Chrome is still on top of Internet Explorer and is taking a big bite out of Microsoft's market share.

Figures have just came through from Net Applications and it has shown that since September 2008 when Chrome was launched that it has took 12% of the market. The reason this has happened is from Google launching its Operating system on Samsung and Acer netbooks this summer.

Last month Chrome gained 11.9% of the market up 0.4% where Internet Explorer was still losing its shares of the market.

going form 55.9% to 55.1% in a month showing that Internet Explorer is beginning to lose the market. Safari is also going up from 6.6% to 7.1% in the last month and Firefox losing a slight amount of shares form 21.8% to 21.6%

All I can say is I'm glad Chrome is getting up there as I feel its a great Browser and others seem to be robbing its features (IE 9).

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