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Daily Warcraft Stories

Here I'm going to add World of Warcraft stories to be able to read and will take requests on making new stories for my fans to read.

The Callum Adventure

In the land of Northrend Callum the unstoppable rogue was killing rhino’s with 2 hits to take there meat for cooking and there skins to produce new armour to sell.

As he was ganking the rhino’s he noticed a newbie level 73 warrior called James, he thought he was mighty and strong with his heirloom items on he had the full set.

Callum went into stealth and began to stalk James as he was doing his quests, Callum was waiting for the perfect timing to kill James…suddenly he saw an opportunity he sapped James he then does a back stab and straight after a critical hit with an ambush doing a 15K crit.

James died in 4 seconds, Callum began to cannibalise James dead body…Tom suddenly comes out of no where and slapped Callum with a wet fish hard in the face, Callum rips Tom’s hair from his head and begins to stab him hard one after the other continuously in the stomach until Tom’s internal organs fall out.

Callum dragged the two dead bodies back to his camp and sold there skins for thousands of gold to his friend Anthony to make an Alliance costume to allow them to break into the Stormwind bank….TO BE CONTINUED.

The Chronicles of the Stormwind BANK!

Anthony and Callum began to put there costumes on of the dead Alliance who Callum killed after putting the costumes on Anthony and Callum went to Goldshire and stole two horses to fit in with the Alliance.

Callum and Anthony began to make there way up to Stormwind city on there stolen mounts they got to the gates of Stormwind and they where stopped by a guard.

The guard said to Callum “Stop! I must see if you are allowed into the City” after 5 minutes of checking the 2 horde over then the guard allowed them through the gates. The gates opened with a creek they both walked into the city and headed straight over to the bank.

When they got to the bank steps they jumped of there mounts and walked into the bank it was empty only the banker was there…Callum went into stealth and sapped the banker before killing him in one hit. Anthony went over to the vault and placed some explosives after 10 seconds they blew up with a big BOOM! Anthony and Callum went into the blown up vault and took 1 million gold coins into there bags and walked out of the bank.

There where guards out side waiting for them...Callum and Anthony jumped fast onto there mounts and speeded off to the gates, the gates began to close as they got closer they thought they would not get out but with luck they just got through before they shut with a big bang!

Callum and Anthony took the gold back to there city and bought all they ever needed with the alliance gold.

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